What Women Want From A Man

Geplaatst op 10-03-2023

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Heres what women really want from a man!

Men are attempting to impress attract and seduce women nonstop all over the world, but do they know what women really want? Are they using dated tricks that men made up via trial and error?

How about we learn from women themselves.

There are certain themes that reappear over and over again and these seem to be the emotions that are hard wired into us from birth. So matter where you come from or who you think you are these tips on what women really want will still talk to you.

Because they are not directed at you but rather to your emotions.

Before you even think of trying to fake the tips about to be mentioned you need to realise that they cannot be. You have to love a women deeply to be able to really give her what she really wants.

You have to care about people and circumstance and understand how what you say influences her. What and how you communicate with women counts for so much more than you can imagine.


Are you prepared to ditch the big sports game just to sit down and talk with her?

I know what your thinking... WTF? You have got to be kidding right?

Who is really more important to you? The bearer of your children, your genes, or some sports team of which have no idea you even exist!

There will always be another game!

You will have an argument if it’s the NFL final etc yes but I’m making this extreme example to try and get through.

Because I LOVE sport too.. trust me I’m sports mad but I got over the ego and realised that putting TV over love was way out of line.

I realise this runs counter to most men’s thinking (and mind for a long time) but just think about it for awhile.

Sport can be recorded and re-watched at any time.

Theres sport on 24/7.

It’s gonna cost you a lot if she gets pissed

Once again I think we have an argument if it’s sat night or a final but other than that give your girl the undivided attention she deserves.

It’s not only the priority of your spouse or girlfriend that’s important but also your friends and family. A woman wants to see that high morality being shown in real life. Put friends and family first.

Being loyal is HUGE with women.

If you break a tie or don’t show up you better have a dam good reason. Be honest be real and let her know that she is absolutely the number one priority in your life.


Safety is one of those deep emotional needs we all have both physical and emotional... Often times if you just provide this it can be enough for some women.

Physical safety may come down to having enough money to provide food and shelter or enable her to buy status symbols such as clothes and shoes.

Whatever it is for her, whether it is superficial or not is important for her emotion of safety.

There is of course emotional safety.

Are you out every other night at night clubs while not telling her where you going or when you will be home? This is playing with her emotional safety even if you have excellent trust. Knowing her man is sticking around no matter what is what women really want.

At least have the balls to be honest with her about who you are. At least then she feels safety in that you can be real and trustworthy. Fuck I hate liars and people who you cannot trust.


What do women really want from men? They want to be heard. But more than just heard. Christ they can be heard on a superficial level from their girlfriends any day of the week. No. What they really want is to feel that they are understood at the deepest level.

To understand that the efforts they put in on a day to day basis are appreciated. Women really want to be heard, believed and cared for by their man. Don’t dismiss what she is saying because you think she is being a nag (even if she is).

What you might not understand is that she is “nagging” you because she cares and wants to help. She feels it her duty to care for you and “order” you to do certain things.

Let her know that between these hours she should not interrupt your TV male timeout time but outside those hours you need to be open to connection. By setting aside these boundaries you enable the best of both worlds. You get your very important man reflection time and then her full engagement when you want it.

Everybody wins. But by not communicating you are setting yourself up for a nasty cold shoulder in bed because she does not feel heard.


Women know if they have your full engagement. Grunts and vauge yes/yups/ahuh’s don’t cut it. Let her know that this is the guy you are and you need to really communicate with me about when I need to disengage from what I’m doing and then refocus.

LET HER KNOW how men think and how it’s annoying when women disrupt our train of thought. We want to respond and women want us to respond with full engagement so let them know that there are certain times to ask us questions.

They will misinterpret your actions if you don’t educate them!


You have heard the confidence and money argument but here it is again. Women want security and with that comes financial security. Take care of your finances so that you can give your women everything she wants in life.

Women really do want confidence and money! Money ensues there offspring’s lives will be in good hands and confidence is the figurehead of all female attraction as this site continuously states.

Don’t be wimp, don’t be wussy. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs. Be your own man and live life with passion